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A fun, flexible job in the golf business could be yours!

What makes working at FunGolf.club so great?

Competitive Pay

We love our golf instructors and reward them with competitive pay and an opportunity to earn even more. We believe that to deliver the best service, we need the best talent on our team. In order to have the best talent- we need to deliver the best compensation plans. Simple as that.

Great Schedule

Our unique business model allows us to provide our instructors with a consistent yet flexible schedule. We determine when we provide lessons and classes- not the individual client. We don't work when it rains yet we still get paid. No more sun up to sun down banging the range for pennies.

Fun Work Environment

Out on the range, we've always got music, we regularly host fun events, and our members are excited to learn golf! FunGolf.club coaches are sure to have fun on the job! We don't cater to any of the traditional, pretentious BS that prevents people from learning and enjoying the game. We are fun and our clients have fun.

A brief message from Wendy Doolan, FunGolf.club Co-Founder and LPGA Winner

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FAQ's About Working w/ FunGolf.Club

How do clients schedule a lesson?

  • They don’t. One of the ways we keep our pricing so low is through this “first come first serve” philosophy. Our instructors are available to you during posted times and you may stop by at your convenience during those times. That way, we determine our schedule- when we are at the range and available out having fun, and when we are not available and spending time with our family and friends. If someone wants a different kind of golf instruction- fantastic! We'll help them find it somewhere else. Our coaches love working with FunGolf.Club because we are not a slave to our customers demands and schedules. We are about having fun!


Is this a full time position only?

  • Absolutely not. We want and encourage everyone to work a schedule that fits with their life. The more the merrier around here. If you want full time- we got it. If you want part time- we got it. We can cater to just about any and all schedules- so long as we're all having fun.


Do I have to relocate?

  • Depends. We already have plans to open facilities in multiple areas and states.  It's possible you live in or around an area we already have plans to open. If we don't align there- you'd probably want to consider relocating for this opportunity. We don't offer any remote or online instruction services.


Is this training available for juniors and kids?

  • Absolutely!! Keep in mind that not all clinics are kid friendly. To better accommodate younger golfers, FunGolf.Club also routinely arranges group clinics for kids in similar age groups. At the same time- we ENCOURAGE (aka require) a parent or family member to attend along with. It's a great arena to develop and strengthen relationships.
  • To be clear- this is not swing the minivan through, drop off the kids for us to watch while you go decompress somewhere else. 🙂


Do I need to be PGA certified or anything else?

  • HAHAHAHA ( SORRY :)) Soooo- we have adapted this training schedule for amateurs based off our extensive experience with professional golfers and how we train with them. Wendy Doolan quickly realized our clients care more about our team members smile and attitude than they care about credentials. That's great if you have some sort of credentials, but not required around here. A willingness to serve other people with an outgoing fun personality is gonna get you farther than any type credentials around here.


Do you offer any benefits?

  • Each of our locations can be independently owned and operated. Specific compensation and benefits would be location specific.


Do you provide any training?

  • Absolutely!! From soup to nuts! AND....... for all you peeps stuck in the cold and snow for extended periods of the year- A LOT of our training for instructors happens in the winter in sunny Florida. Whoop Whoop!! We provide any and all training necessary to provide fun and golf instruction at any of our locations as well as advanced systems and business training should you want to become a partner or owner in one of our locations.


Do you have an affiliate program?

  • Yes. Email jamie@fungolf.club for moire information on how to align your company, club, or sales programs with our aggressive partner programs.


Can I continue to give instruction to other people I already teach?

  • No. Our goal is not to teach other golf coaches how we're changing the golf instruction business and providing golf instructors real opportunity and a career while they continue some charge by the hour antiquated business model. When you join our team, we expect everyone to jump into the deep end of this pool and start swimming with this team. You want your own side hustle- fantastic. It's just not going to work with us. See you on the range.


Where are you located?

  • We have locations popping up everywhere. From Tampa to Orlando and soon the other 49 States! It's best to look at the top right hand corner of this website to see all available locations and training schedules.


What if I have never coached golf before?

  • Fantastic!! You will find this is the place for you. We have the absolute best place to start out a career in the golf business. Look it- we're not building rocket ships to launch into space to put another man on the moon. We are in the fun and entertainment business and we just also happen to teach golf. Come check out one of our facilities and you'll see it's a great place to jump in and learn a new career. Oh- and before any of you long timers roll your eyes at any of that- lets stack your playing, teaching, and business career against Wendy's and see whose opinion should really matter on this topic. (All of this paragraph sent with love from Jamie 🙂 )