FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a lesson?

  • You don’t. One of the ways we keep our pricing so low is through this “first come first serve” philosophy. Our instructors are available to you during posted times and you may stop by at your convenience during those times.


When does the "Month" start and end?

  • Your month begins on the day you enroll and continues for one full month. Meaning- if you were to enroll on the 15th of one month, your membership will last until the 15th of the following month.


Is there a contract or can I cancel at anytime?

  • Absolutely! You can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice.  The only stipulation that may arise is that promotional offers and discounts are no longer available ever after a cancellation for any reason. You simply complete the cancellation request form found at the bottom of this page (and every page on this website. 🙂


Is this training available for juniors and kids?

  • Absolutely!! Keep in mind that not all clinics are kid friendly. To better accommodate younger golfers, FunGolf.Club also routinely arranges group clinics for kids in similar age groups. At the same time- we ENCOURAGE a parent or family member to attend along with. It's a great arena to develop and strengthen relationships.
  • To be clear- this is not swing the minivan through, drop off the kids for us to watch while you go decompress somewhere else. 🙂


What if I need more advanced training?

  • HAHAHAHA ( SORRY :)) Soooo- we have adapted this training schedule for amateurs based off our extensive experience with professional golfers and how we train with them. Should you believe you require more, we’ll be happy to schedule a conversation with Wendy Doolan to customize a training plan just for you.


I only want one lesson? Why do I have to sign up for a monthly training program?

  • Because that’s all we offer. If you want something different- you should look for another golf instruction company. We are not all things to all people and that’s one of the many reasons we all stay happy over here and focus on having a lot of fun.


Can I pause my subscription?


Do you have an affiliate program?

  • Yes. Email for more information on how to align your company, club, or sales programs with our aggressive partner programs.


Am I charged more if I want to attend even more clinics each month?

  • No. You can attend as many group clinics as you like.


Where are you located?

  • We have locations popping up everywhere. From Tampa to Orlando and now the other 49 States! It's best to look at the bottom right hand corner of this website to see all available locations and training schedules.


What if I have never played golf before?

  • Fantastic!! You will find this is the place for you. You can get golf instruction and advice just about anywhere. HERE- you will have fun AND we will also teach you how to swing the club or anything else you need to know to enjoy this great game.