Meet The team


Wendy Doolan
3-time LPGA Champion
LPGA Touring Professional Golfer
Co-Owner and Founder of FunGolf.Club


Jamie Wilke
Experienced Entrepreneur
Built, grown, bought, and sold several local and national brands
Co-Owner and Founder of FunGolf.Club

FunGolf.Club opened in 2019 with one goal in mind:

Bringing a combination of fun and golf instruction to people who want to learn or better their game and make money doing it.
The idea was formed when Jamie Wilke made a lesson appointment with Wendy Doolan. After a couple of lessons where she helped him with his swing and he quizzed her about her business model, they became fast friends. Jamie approached Wendy with a new business idea: turn her golf instruction business into a recurring subscription-based model.
It was a hard sell to Wendy who was used to a traditional golf lesson where you’re focused on the player’s swing as opposed to this business model which is focused on fun and entertainment. She quickly realized people can learn golf in a relaxed and social environment.
Eventually she said, “OK how do we do this?” Two months later, she stopped doing private instruction and they formed FunGolf.Club. They focused on making it a fun and entertainment business, it started thriving.
Players will learn how to interact with others on the course and use these skills for business events, help advance their career, network, and socialize. “Everyone is unique. We help players enjoy the game the way they want to enjoy it.”


What do players get when they signup?

  • Unlimited instruction with a golf professional
  • Unlimited lessons and clinics per month
  • Hang out and meet other golfers
  • Events and parties every month – from night golf to luaus
  • Networking
  • FUN!

Interested in having your own FunGolf.Club instructor business?

  • You will make money in the first 30 days if you have golf instruction background
  • If not, you will make money within 90 days
  • We will teach you everything we know to succeed!
  • All you need:
    • Strong desire to work
    • Sales / business ability
    • Enjoy a different approach