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Affordable Golf Instruction for ALL
From Beginners to Advanced
Unlimited Instruction and (4) Private Lessons with a Professional

Receive up to 4 lessons per month.Best choice and lowest cost per lesson, for golfers who visit more than 2 times per month. Typically best aligned with Instruction & Improvement Plan. Includes (4) Individual training sessions per month

Additional visits just $15

*Unlimited Instruction- allows member to attend as many clinics at fungolf.club as you prefer and as attendance allows. On a first to register first serve basis.
Monthly Fun Plans
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Per Month
  • Unlimited Clinics
  • (4) Private Lessons per Month
Only the first 100 people to enroll can receive the promotional early adopter $49 per rate special. Hurry now as these limited number of promotional memberships will not last long. 
New clinics & schedules are released monthly
Unlimited Instruction
Attend as many clinics as you like throughout the month. From chipping, putting and driving- to blasting out of bunkers. Our small, limited seating clinics provide an amazing platform to develop your game. 
Private Instruction
Up to (4) Lessons per Month
Stop by the range anytime our professionals are scheduled to be there and hop in for a private lesson. Our instructors will help dial in the fix and will keep an eye out as you pound balls down the range. 
Special Events
From Night Golf to Luaus
You just never know what might get planned around here in the afternoons. You can certainly plan on night golf adventures at least once a month and it's not uncommon to see a food truck as we listen to beach music around the fire. 
 Discover fantastic golf instruction and fun at an extremely affordable rate
You don't have to tell us how cheap all of this is- We KNOW! That was our goal in creating this platform. "Deliver affordable golf instruction to as many people as possible. By all means, we can deliver and do still provide some hourly golf instruction models for golfers that need high end, hands-on, intensive instruction. However, these golfers are few and far between and you'll probably catch a glimpse of them on your TV on the weekends. Excluding these professionals (and wanna be professionals) our monthly clinic and private instruction monthly package is the most affordable method to not just improve at golf- but to have FUN improving at and playing golf. 
Early Bird Adopter
Don't miss out on this VIP deal!
Grab a "Free" Introductory Lesson From FunGolf.Club!!
Valid until 12/18/20.

We are only offering this special on a limited basis. This is not a coupon or a discount that can be applied at a later date in the future.  

What Our Clients Saying
Wendy is an amazing instructor. As a US Kids Golf Tour Director, High School Golf Coach, father of 4 junior golfers and a former college golfer I have seen a lot of golf professionals interact with students, but have never seen anyone combine the technical aspects with mental coaching and a true passion and commitment to helping players improve the way that Wendy does. What I've learned from her personally has been extremely valuable.
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- Richard R.
Wendy is not only a great instructor she is a genuine person. My golf game was in the low 80's to high 70's, a bit all over the place and she got me shooting in the high 60's. She is not super technical like most, her simple approach to golf makes it easy. She is an all around great mentor and coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to take there game to the next level or someone who is just learning. Wendy thank you for being you!
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- Douglas F.
Save Money
Only $99 per Mnth

Receive unlimited instruction through clinics AND (4) private lessons per month

Lower Scores
Only $99 per Month

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Steadily Improve
Only $99 per Month

Consistently working on proven techniques with a golf professional will produce desired results.

It's ALL About Fun
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Who says Golf Instruction Can't be A LOT of FUN??
You can go take a golf lesson just about anywhere. We are really, really great golf instructors, AND we are super, super fun. This doesn't have to be dull and boring and difficult. Golf CAN BE FUN!


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