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Unlimited instruction and individual lessons with a professional

Receive unlimited lessons every month!


Best choice and lowest cost per lesson, for golfers who visit more than 2 times per month. Typically best aligned with Instruction & Improvement Plan.


Unlimited Instruction- allows member to attend as many clinics at as you prefer and as attendance allows. On a first to register first serve basis.

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Monthly Fun Plans


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•  Unlimited Clinics

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Wendy Doolan

LPGA Professional Golfer

Australia’s Wendy Doolan has been competitive on the world stage as a professional for more than 25 years, earning three wins and 34 top-10 finishes on the LPGA Tour, before turning her focus to helping others achieve their dreams in golf as a teaching professional

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What our clients are saying

Chris Nilan

"FunGolf is a great affordable way to learn golf and get better. Mark is great instructor and CJ was very helpful as well. I highly recommend FunGolf for anybody who is new to golf or just wants to improve their game."


"There's fun group contests, sometimes music in the background...but most of all, the one-on-one with instructors. Wendy is great, but I've spent most of my time with Mark (at Tampa Bay Downs). He's given me simple things to work on that produce instant and sustainable results (three previous instructors before I found FunGolf don't come close to what Mark has shown me). I can actually be good at this game 😄"

Jacob Clark

"Mark keeps it straight forward with you and can see the SLIGHTEST things you are doing wrong all the way down to grip pressure."


"Mark makes it fun. He always provides feedback to improve my golf game. If something doesn't work for me like a certain golf grip then he teaches me one that does."

Bob Mitchell

"Always fun, on time, relaxed atmosphere and no wasted practice time. concise with never more than a couple things to work on at a time."

James Preacher

"My results in less than two months have exceeded my expectations. Through working with Wendy Doolan and my primary instructor, Mark Speir, many aspects of my game have improved but ball striking and distance are the most obvious ones. Who doesn’t want to hit it better and farther? The atmosphere is fun plus it is great to be able to get instruction almost everyday if students so choose."

Michael Segien

"My first two weeks as a new golfer were DIY on the driving range followed by videos on YouTube that all had a different message to the point it was just noise. My slice was still there and I struggled to make contact with the ball. Today, three weeks into the sport and ten days after joining the Fun Golf Club was my big breakthrough. Mark spent an afternoon breaking my swing down to the basics and built me back up to a swing that is slice free. I started the day hating my 5 iron and ended the day looking forward to the next time I get to hear the cracking sound of the iron making solid contact again. Don't waste time hitting balls without a purpose. Get some professional help and get results."

Individual Instruction

Unlimited lessons each month


Stop by the range anytime our professionals are scheduled to be there and hop in for an individual lesson. Our instructors will help dial in the fix and will keep an eye out as you pound balls down the range.


Unlimited instruction


Attend as many clinics as you like throughout the month. From chipping, putting and driving- to blasting out of bunkers. Our small, limited seating clinics provide an amazing platform to develop your game.

Fun, Fun, & Fun!

From Night Golf to Luaus


You just never know what might get planned around here in the afternoons. You can certainly plan on night golf adventures at least once a month and it’s not uncommon to see a food truck as we listen to beach music around the fire.



Discover fantastic golf instruction and fun

at an extremely affordable rate

You don’t have to tell us how cheap all of this is - We KNOW! That was our goal in creating this platform. “Deliver affordable golf instruction to as many people as possible. While we also provide hourly golf instruction models for golfers that need high end, hands-on, intensive instruction, excluding these professionals our monthly clinic and private instruction monthly package is the most affordable method to not just improve at golf - but to have FUN improving at and playing golf.

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It's ALL About Fun!

Who says Golf Instruction Can't be A LOT of FUN??

You can go take a golf lesson just about anywhere. We are really, really great golf instructors, AND we are super, super fun. This doesn’t have to be dull and boring and difficult. Golf CAN BE FUN!


Save Money

Only $129 per Month

Receive unlimited instruction through clinics AND unlimited individual lessons per month


Lower Scores

Only $129 per Month

Find out how you can set strategic goals and relevant goals your startup can strive for.


Steadily Improve

Only $129 per Month

Consistently working on proven techniques with a golf professional will produce desired results.