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Private golf lessons with one of our professional (but fun) instructors at Haas Family Golf.

What you'll learn


Improve your swing

Different strokes for different folks. Make sure that you're swinging in a way that is best for you

Eliminate the dreaded 3-putt

We certainly can't cover EVERYTHING in one lesson, but we can get you into a free putting clinic hosted by 3-time LGPA winner Wendy Doolan! Just ask about it at your free lesson.

Individualized Instruction

Get tips on how to make your practice routines better for you - no matter what your issue or plan is.

What Our Customers Say

Wendy measured my body to determine my set up and swing, I saw a huge difference on Day 1. I have been seeing improvement each time I come, plus I'm having so much fun hanging out on the range!

-Brian C


What time is my lesson?

We have flexible dates and times available, so you'll be able to find something to fit in your schedule. Check available times.

How much is it?

A whopping $ZERO! We want you to have an opportunity to meet our instructors and get an idea of why thousands of others trust us with their fun game- and golf as well.

Where's it at?

The beautiful Willow Creek Golf Club located at 205 Sandy Run
Greer, SC 29651. Don't worry, we'll send you all this info after you schedule, too.

Meet the Coach


Australia’s Wendy Doolan has been competitive on the world stage as a professional for more than 25 years, earning three wins and 34 top-10 finishes on the LPGA Tour, before turning her focus to helping others achieve their dreams in golf as a teaching professional.

Because of her background as a competitive amateur and professional who has competed in tournaments around the world, Wendy understands what it takes to set goals, refine skills, think clearly and to achieve personal milestones at every level.

“My career has shown me that each person has their own path to set and reach goals and that it’s important to be clear about how to get where you want to go,” said Wendy. “Whether the goal is to break 100, 70 or to win a tournament, it’s about acquiring the skills and focus that allow for potential at any skill level and the satisfaction that comes from the work.” Click here to learn even more about Wendy!

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