Grow your business with our existing membership base - at no cost to you

Offer discounts to our members who love local businesses, giving them an opportunity to come visit and fall in love with your brand.

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Benefits of joining as one of our local benefit providers

Grow your brand awareness

Members will see your business as a listing in our member portal - and they'll want to visit thanks to the great discounts you'll offer them!

Increase business during your slow times

Are you slow at a particular time of the week? Offer a discount to our members at a specific time of the week/day to drive traffic without raising your costs.

Contact Customers Easily

Our customers have a digital membership card in their phone's wallet, so you'll be able to push last minute deals straight to their phone quickly and easily.

How it works

Member receives digital membership card


Your business grows with new, more frequent customers, and even more so as our membership base grows!

Our member gets an alert when they are near your business that they can use a FunGolf discount, or your exclusive discounts bring them in to your business

It's that easy!

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