Start Your Own Business in Golf for Under $10K.   Whether you are a Golf Enthusiast, Golf Instructor or Golf Professional, with Fun Golf Club, you can Quickly Make Money In the Booming Golf Industry!


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Love The Game of Golf
  • Want to Make Money
  • Love to Have Fun!
  • Enjoy Helping Others

We're going to pull back the curtain and share absolutely anything and everything you want to know about our subscription based FUN - golf instruction business and why it outperforms "traditional" golf instruction businesses


Hilton Greenville

45 West Orchard Park Drive Greenville, SC 29615

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9:00 AM, 1 day only


Presented by

Jamie Wilkie


Presented by

Wendy Doolan

We're going to show you:

Everything it takes for us to run a successful, profitable subscription based golf instruction business.

The advantages of owning a real business- not just having a golf instruction job you can't quit

Technology we use to grow our lines of business and why we don't use any on the range or the tees

How to make money in the golf instruction business. Plain and simple. 

WHERE: Hilton Greenville

45 West Orchard Park Drive Greenville, SC 29615

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Your Hosts

Wendy Doolan

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Around here- we like to call her THE Wendy Doolan. Come spend a day hearing directly from Wendy about how and why she switched gears from a traditional golf instruction business to the "FunGolf.Club" model that's disrupting golf instruction as you know it.
Wendy spent almost 20 years as a LPGA touring professional golfer. She spent years in the trenches teaching both professionals and amateurs alike. There's a pretty good chance she has something to say that will make an enormous impact on your business and/or career.


Learn more about THE Wendy Doolan here.


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Your Hosts

Jamie Wilkie

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jamie fish

You'll get to spend a day with a guy who knows absolutely nothing about teaching golf or golf instruction. This self described "biggest idiot in the golf business" whose official title with the company is "The Guy Who Thinks He's in Charge" will spend time "peeling the onion back" on why we charge what we charge, how we charge what we charge and as he says "why we beat the brakes off" every other golf instruction business in our markets, and YOURS as well.

This serial entrepreneur has built, grown, bought, and sold several other local and national brands. You'll find his experience from OUTSIDE the golf industry is what helps provide one of our unique advantages in the markets we currently operate in, and YOURS as well.


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Why spend a day with

Take a minute and find out why Wendy thinks you may benefit from a day with the us

Hear what people have to say about

coach ten

I had no idea a golf instruction business could be this fun. I will never go back to selling 5 packs!! hahaha

Ntengwa Mukosa, Location owner

five stars
rob arnold

Attended the free chipping clinic and instantly learned so much. Long story short, Coach Tendy gave me insight that made me sign up for membership directly after the clinic. Can’t wait to continue my instruction!

Rob Arnold, Member

five stars

Our customers love us. Our coaches love us.

krista collins

Instructors are knowledgeable, easy to work with and very patient. I highly recommend FunGolf Cub to anyone even if you’re a beginner or just want to make some improvements on your game.

Krista Collins, Member

five stars
coach vic

So glad I ran into Wendy Doolan in my career. Not only have I learned a TON- we have loads of fun and I've saved years in experience through this program. I love coaching @ FunGolf.Club!

Victor Castro, Location Owner

five stars

More reasons to attend this open house

Business Model

You'll leave with a complete understanding of the subscription based golf instruction model. How do we whip the competition by only charging our clients as little as $99 per month.

Financials & Budgets

We'll take a deep dive into our standard budget and financials. You'll know what we spend, where, and how. We'll also share what our critical KPI's are and what specifically those numbers on the P&L should be.

Digital Tools to Impliment

We share absolutley everything we use in our business to build and grow our customer base. From software to apps to custom code - you'll see them all.

Short Cuts

You'll learn from two of the best in the industry about what they've learned and what they do differently now, and WHY!

Sales & Marketing Tactics

You know what you do. How'd you like a look at what we do? We'll be opening our sales and marketing toolbox and inviting you to have a look around.

Early Adopter Advantage

Although not required, you'll have the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing fun and entertainment business before someone else in your market does.